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What we do

VNT creates interactive, real-time maps of your entire IT ecosystem, offering granular detail. Our solution is completely platform-agnostic and has limitless use-cases. Uniquely, VNT works without credentials, firewalls or agents. With network discovery based on real traffic, you gain ultimate visibility of all dependencies and communications, as well as quickly define VPC’s, Subnets and Security Groups on AWS. Use this to efficiently assess costs, discover a hybrid ecosystem, or model workloads for migration.

Our platform is easy to deploy, highly scalable, and can be integrated with all of your current tools and products seamlessly. Whether you’re primarily on the cloud, utilize hybrid or multi-cloud environments, or reside on-premises, VNT can be used to discover, plan and maintain the most comprehensive real-time map for your application ecosystems. You can easily configure your map to manage IT assets by business context, prioritizing the right alerts – and more importantly, keeping your business running smoothly.

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Network Visibility at a Click

Your application map gives an easy to read, intuitive understanding of your entire network, with color-coded insight into all communications and dependencies then analyze trends and data with reports that are easily shareable to any stakeholders within the company.

VNT is

At VNT, we are pioneers and masters of discovery – nothing is too challenging for us. With years of experience in network discovery, VNT supports a multitude of environments, including virtualization, private and public clouds, as well as physical servers on premises. Our solution works on all major platforms. 

  • Use comprehensive visibility of all dependencies and servers to simplify the process of migrating assets from your data center to the public, private or hybrid cloud. 
  • Map your existing network topology and dependencies and quickly define VPCs, Subnets and Security Groups in AWS.
  • Understand the impact of your business needs on IT services, ahead of time. Limit the impact of changes by identifying problems and remaining two steps ahead. 
  • Create interactive, real-time, detailed maps of your entire IT ecosystem, platform-agnostic and with limitless use-cases. VNT is the only solution that discovers dependencies and works without agents, firewalls or credentials. 
  • Gain ultimate visibility of all dependencies and communications, efficiently assessing and understanding costs for optimization.
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From Virtualization platforms such as vSphere, to Load Balancers, Cloud Platforms and Monitoring solutions, ask us about our powerful integrations. Use databases and network infrastructure to get more out of your discovery, accessing better context and insight for your mapping, and taking your use case to the next level.

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Existing Solutions Aren’t Enough.
Here’s Why:

Inaccurate scanning

Scheduled scanning often occurs during off hours, providing a false understanding of your actual data center. 

VNT performs continuous scanning, giving the benefit of real-time data, but also providing an accurate map of your dependencies during all hours of the day, both off hours and peak, supporting a more accurate understanding overall.

Complex and limited

Credential and agent management slows down the pace of DevOps and migration. Native solutions like AWS Application Discovery Service do not show dependencies.

VNT uses network traffic analysis, discovers all dependencies, and doesn’t need direct access to the servers at all.

Template dependency

Many solutions use templates for specific mapping, limiting you to one choice of home-grown, off-the-shelf or legacy.

VNT utilizes network data, discovering dependencies no matter what software the company is running.

Platform or OS specific

Competitors will narrow your visibility down to cloud-only, or complicate matters by having different solutions for different platforms.

VNT is platform independent, giving you insight on premises, on the cloud, or with multi and hybrid infrastructure. All operating systems are supported.

Customer Stories

We are running multiple applications that change on a daily basis. Until we mapped the applications with VNT, it was almost impossible for us to detect the changes in the infrastructure fast enough to meet our SLA. Implementation of the product was very quick and easy, and we now use it on a daily basis.

Haim Inger, CTO, Clal Insurance

As a company that mange its clients infrastructure on AWS,  we strive to use the best possible tools. With VNT, For the first time, we can have a clear and accurate view of our clients network usage/data spending, something that isn’t offered with the cloud-native solution. By onboarding VNT, we have ended up saving at least half of our clients regular monthly data costs on AWS! This continuous intelligence has made a this savings much quicker then analyzing it with the regular available tools.

Zeev Vaxman Fisher Managing Director, Modality

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