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A Passion for Discovery

VNT prides itself on giving you access to complete visibility, with zero blind spots. In a matter of hours, you could be looking at a real-time map of your data center, leveraging platform-agnostic insight into the workings of your network and applications.

Lanir Shacham
Lanir ShachamCEO
Tzvi Appel
Tzvi AppelExecutive Chairman
Ofer Regev
Ofer RegevCTO
Amir Lubashevsky
Amir LubashevskyVP Business Development
Daniela Morein Bar
Daniela Morein BarVP Marketing
Omer Robinowitz
Omer RobinowitzBusiness Development Manager
Aviv Hooker
Aviv HookerSales Executive
Gil Appel
Gil AppelSenior Developer

What’s the Secret?

We were born and bred to do Network Discovery. Whatever the use case, from cloud migration to cost optimization, we’re experts in our field with decades of experience. Let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll show you how our visibility can get you there.


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