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How Does it Work?

data transfer costs

Make sense of raw data in real-time

Invoice details from major cloud providers can be dense and complex to understand. Raw data needs translation, and this can be expensive in terms of both time and manpower. Even with a room full of support, it can be impossible to identify the services that are causing the hefty impact on your bottom line.

data transfer costs
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Ensure performance without overspending

Right-size your cloud instances to reduce costs and optimize performance from the outset, accurately accounting for the resources you need for your applications and servers. See which servers account for costs and latency issues, where the most traffic is being generated, and where you can make smart changes.

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Forecast accurately for strategic business planning

Work out what reserved instances you need, or scale up where necessary for performance. Use VNT to get stakeholders on board at C-level, showing a visible map of where costs are coming from and what changes need to be made. Planning ahead has never been so simple.

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See quick time to value

At the click of a button, your business goes from blind spots and complex reports, to one clear single pane of glass approach to your activity on the cloud. Quickly reveal wasted resources that were out of sight, and gain a real-time view of costs and traffic whenever you need answers or additional data for your decision-making.

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