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No Agents or Credentials– A smart solution that has no impact on your perfomance

Migrating to Cloud has Never Been Easier

VNT simplifies the process of migrating assets from your data center to the public, private or hybrid cloud. We start with complete mapping, then discover all dependencies, working without agents or credentials. With ultimate visibility, you can efficiently assess and model specific workloads, right-sizing your instances for a successful cloud migration project.

Software to map entire IT Ecosystem

Map your environment before and after migration

Achieve a thorough application topology map in minutes, with no server left behind, both in and out of scope. Using network traffic, anything with an IP address is automatically discovered. Use this data to accurately create a migration plan that suits your infrastructure requirements, verifying everything is working as expected with no factor left in the dark.

Application mapping software
Full coverage dependency mapping software

100% accurate and lightweight

VNT offers the only discovery solution that has no need for agents or credentials, which means zero-impact on your performance. Your map can be filtered and searched, isolating exactly the information you need, such as specific business services. As a platform-agnostic solution, you can enjoy full visibility everywhere, exporting this 100% accurate data to any format.


Speed up the lifecycle to the cloud

From the URL, to the map. See everything in one dashboard, including servers and individual applications, all the way to any single IP address. Identify dependencies and communication flows, speeding up your time to migration and business value, with less errors and slowdowns. Share information across IT and Business so that you’re all on the same page.

solimage4 microsegmentation

Real-time access to any changes

Things can change as your migration moves forward. Use our data to continuously update information on applications and workloads during migrations. Ensure you have all the information you need to make smart choices, and that your plan is based on only the most accurate facts and insights.

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