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With VNT’s cost analysis recommendations, we were able to save as much as 25% of our monthly network costs. This is a great success for us, knowing we can rely on VNT for an accurate understanding of our network costs for our development road map.

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VNT used network related metrics to quickly and accurately identify which servers and resources accounted for Cancelon’s AWS Network costs. A complete architecture topology map was generated with one click, without any agents or credentials, ensuring zero impact on performance.

The Challenge

  • Cancelon generated the majority of their income from travel and meta search companies such as Google and TripAdvisor. After a few development changes, their monthly costs were climbing steadily. Cancelon needed to find the cause for the sharp increase.
  • With a lack of visibility into the environment, it was hard to pinpoint the source of the rising network costs.
  • Broadly speaking, Cancelon had little insight into their monthly AWS network costs, as raw data from cloud invoices doesn’t contain the required metrics for such analysis.
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The VNT Solution for Cancelon
In Just One Day, Cancelon Had its Answers!


Advanced Mapping Technology

VNT provided Cancelon with a break-down of its network costs with a price for each connection. This uncovered heavy charges for specific network channels.


Deep Understanding of the Cloud

With their strong cloud background, and understand of the intricacies of Regions and Availability Zones. Our experts  provided accurate recommendations for improvement.


Smart Recommendations

VNT did more than simply point out the problems. Cancelon was presented with ways to improve its bottom line. Altogether, Cancelon saved ~25% of their monthly cost.


Intuitive and Shareable

The VNT audit report and its recommendations were able to provide an intuitive representation of the needed changes and improvements, easily shareable within Cancelon decision making teams to prove quick time to value for the technology.

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