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Clal – Application Discovery

We are running multiple applications that change on a daily basis. Until we mapped the applications with VNT, it was almost impossible for us to detect the changes in the infrastructure fast enough to meet our SLA. Implementation of the product was very quick and easy, and we now use it on a daily basis.

clal 2Haim Inger, CTO, Clal Insurance

VNT automatically discovered the complex structures of Clal Insurance’s business services, providing a continuous picture in a passive, non-intrusive way with near-zero overhead. With big data analytics, the company could apply wire data patterns and statistical data to leverage insight into business strategy.

The Challengefor Visibility

  • Clal runs a large central datacentre that supports dozens of key business applications and is used by more than 10,000 customers, agents, partners and employees.

  • Application infrastructure is primarily VMware, over several operating systems including multiple versions of Linux and Windows.

  • Virtual environments are subject to automated changes and dynamic working conditions, so an accurate picture can be impossible to maintain.

  • Changes are happening all the time, so problems with service delivery cannot be easily sourced to root cause.

  • CMDB solutions could scan and discover infrastructure, but could not put a map into valuable business context, or maintain this automatically.

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The VNT Solution for Clal

A Dynamic Map of Business Applications

This map included all the servers, ports and other infrastructure in Clal’s IT ecosystem. Both the infrastructure and the applications are mapped – covering more use cases such as security and segmentation.

Valuable Business Context

Configuration data is put into essential business context, with the map automatically updated in real-time. Clal has an always-accurate understanding of their application environment. Troubleshooting, communication and impact analysis at a glance.


With visibility, Clal could use their mapping to decide where controls needed to be placed for micro-segmentation technology. Effortlessly reducing risk in a complex environment, and establishing a journey towards least privilege for users, applications and data.

Lightweight and Non-Intrusive

Discovery is constant, adjusting the frequency dynamically by the pace of change for each application. Updates are non-intrusive, the equivalent of one user on the network, and there are no agents, server configuration files or risky network protocols.

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