Cloud Solutions Provider, Mapped Complex Environments in Record Time

Our customer moved from an agent-based solution that was slowing down business operations, to VNT. They quickly mapped and assessed migration for multiple major corporations, creating 100 accurate and cost-effective application maps in weeks.

Here is what our customers think:

VNT provided a lightweight solution that required zero-onboarding.

The Challenge:

  • This Cloud Solutions provider is an AWS migration competency center, one of only 2 in the country. It needed a solution for mapping environments and supporting cloud migrations for enterprise customers.
  • The Cloud Solutions provider needed a simple way to map and assess environments for its own customers. Traditionally they had been relying on customer information, and it wasn’t accurate.
  • Our customer had deployed an existing solution that was agent-based, and it wasn’t suiting their requirements. It was too slow, overly complex, and they were experiencing problems with installation.
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The VNT Solution

AWS migration competency center & easy mapping and cloud migrations!


Intelligent Mapping Technology

VNT provided a lightweight solution that required zero-onboarding, unlike their existing agent-based solution. This gave immediate visibility and control with no delay. Within weeks, they had mapped 3 local environments, and 1 in Europe.


More Accuracy from the Application Maps

Rather than rely on customer information, the customer can now accurately map applications and dependencies, and be confident about migration assessments ahead of time.


100 Application Maps with Immediate Value

In-house solutions are clunky and difficult to manage, requiring a team of people and resources every time architecture changes are made. With VNT, our customer created 100 application maps with extremely quick time to value.


Better Peace of Mind for the End-user

Our cloud customer can now provide better visibility and consultancy to their own end user, at lower cost, and with less complexity, making them part of the process and providing validation.

Our Customers:


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