Supply Chain and Logistics: Hybrid Application Dependency Mapping Provides Immediate Visibility


Our customer saw the deep value of VNT for updating and adapting its data centers. After achieving the necessary visibility within a single day, they quickly became a regular customer, utilizing the VNT platform to maintain transparency and control moving forward.


Here is what our customers think:

VNT could be deployed immediately, with no hardware installation and no agents.

VNT has deep expertise in identifying network and infrastructure costs, down to the cost of every single connection. With this technology, VNT created an intuitive AWS map, giving us full visibility into AWS network costs for the first time.

The Challenge:
Full and Immediate Visibility

  • This Systems Management Group provides comprehensive professional and creative logistics solutions that manage the supply chain for a wide range of customers nationwide.
  • The customer was facing a large project, changing and upgrading their data centers. They needed a comprehensive change management tool that would ensure business continuity throughout.
  • In particular, the customer needed to visualize all of the dependencies in the network. If they missed something critical, this could impact their own business, and that of their customers.
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The VNT Solution:
Full and Immediate Visibility


Intelligent Mapping Technology

VNT could be deployed immediately, with no hardware installation and no agents. This offered unbeatably quick time to value for our customer.


Full Visibility of the Network

The customer could forecast exactly what changes would impact the rest of their network, with a thorough map of all applications and their dependencies.


Business Continuity

With one simple solution, the customer was able to achieve peace of mind that they could progress with their upgrade as planned, knowing it wouldn’t impact their customers or internal operations.


Adding this Visibility to their Toolbelt

Within 4 weeks, the systems management group had become a regular customer, and can now utilize VNT whenever they need to check a change in their dynamic environment.

Our Customers:


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