A Leading Website Provider Achieved with VNT in 2 Days what its Networking Team had Spent Years Perfecting In-House

Leading Website Provider

Before we used VNT, we had spent two years organizing our processes and had a complex in-house system set up with our own networking team. It took VNT two days to provide full visibility into our cloud infrastructure, one of the largest in the country. We now have peace of mind that we have organized our infrastructure in the smartest possible way
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With no impact on performance, and no need for agents, firewalls or credentials, VNT provided clear insight into every single connection on the business’s cloud. This was presented in an intuitive map that was easily shareable to other stakeholders.

The Challenge

  • The customer is a leader in the website solutions industry, and wanted simple peace of mind that their infrastructure matched their skills and reputation; transparent, cost-effective, and streamlined for ease of use.
  • This was the largest cloud environment that VNT had ever worked with, an extremely complex AWS infrastructure that managed a large amount of connections and servers. Gaining insight into this ecosystem was essential for business optimization, and ensuring the business was providing the best possible end-user experience.
  • The customer had an internal team of six developers, and was using a solution built in-house to manage its Availability Zones and to assess costs and gain visibility. Many businesses wouldn’t be able to afford an in-house solution, or would find it too complex to manage.
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The VNT Solution – Reassurance that Infrastructure is Best in Class!


Intelligent Mapping Technology

VNT provided a lightweight solution that required zero-onboarding. In just two days, the customer had visibility into their AWS infrastructure. A smart alternative for any business that can’t afford an in-house build.


Visibility and Reassurance

VNT technology provided the peace of mind they needed in days, proving that the in-house networking team had created a great solution, and showing the same results in a fraction of the time.


Lightning-fast Insight

In-house solutions are clunky and difficult to manage, requiring a team of people and resources every time architecture changes are made. In contrast, VNT is external, and offers extremely quick time to value.


A Morale Boost for the Company

After two years of fixing and optimizing processes, the customer had no guarantees that they had achieved what they set out to do. VNT provided this in 2 days, clear assurances that they were not overspending on, or misusing connections.

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