Cloud Cost Optimization: How Modality Reduced Costs by up to 40% with Insight into Data Transfer

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As a Managed Service provider, we needed to know ahead of time how changes could impact our clients, but we didn’t have the ability to drill down on each connection and work out where the expenses could be coming from. VNT mapped how client applications were being utilized on the cloud, and then gave smart recommendations that helped us make the right changes on our customer’s behalf.
modality logoZeev Vaxman Fisher, CEO, Modality

VNT’s cloud cost optimization tools can analyze even the most complex of cloud environments. Once analyzed and mapped, VNT’s cloud cost optimization map allows customers to see granular information such as the cost of a specific connection. VNT analysis tools then provide smart and actionable cloud cost optimization recommendations that can save unnecessary costs. Modality leveraged our expertise to achieve a 40% saving for many of its clients.

Cloud Cost Cost Optimization Challenge & Case Study

  • Modality is a leader in public-cloud environment management. As such, Modality works to ensure that all of its clients have well-designed and intelligently maintained cloud infrastructures, optimized for business success.
  • With many clients, Modality needed to identify configuration changes and the financial impact of new application connections or services. These changes would amount to significant costs at the end of each month.
  • Modality did not have the granular insight it needed to drill down into the cost of each connection. As a result, clients could not predict unexpected costs or hikes in data transfer fees.
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The VNT Cloud Cost Optimization Solution for Modality
A Full Map of Cloud Utilization Costs with Actionable Items!


Powerful Mapping Technology

VNT provided Modality with a granular map that can analyze a client’s application utilization down to a single connection.


Peace of Mind

Modality can give its clients the confidence that their architecture has been created with best practices in mind – and does not have any unnecessary connections that lead to extra costs.


Quick Time-to-Value

VNT used its intuitive map to suggest smart recommendations to Modality. By making changes to connections and Availability Zones, Modality has reduced client costs by as much as 40%.


A Smart Solution

Modality received a clear picture of the changes it could make to save money for each client, mainly on complex data transfer costs. Customers can now rely on Modality as their MSP to identify any changes or additional costs in advance.

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