AllCloud and Webpals Gain Local Visibility over AWS Migrations

Our customer was looking to map and assess migration projects for its own customers, as one of only 2 AWS migration competency centers in the country. Highlighting the benefit of VNT’s integration with the AWS toolset, they have seen tremendous value, and its own customer, Webpals have even kept using the technology itself!


Here is what our customers think:

We loved how easily we could create and visualize our application apps, including all dependencies .


The Challenge:

  • Our customer wanted to find a simple and effective way to map environments ahead of customer cloud migrations, adding visibility to application dependencies, and moving away from relying on customer reports alone.
  • Working wholly on AWS as a leader in cloud services and a unique migration competency center, our customer was looking for smart integration with the AWS toolset for migration.
  • For best-in-class control and support, the customer wanted to be able to complete the mapping from their own environment, without relying on intervention from their own end-users.
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Intelligent Mapping Technology

Within days, and with zero onboarding, our customer had started mapping two sites, creating dozens of application maps, and quickly maturing to migration.


Automatic Population of Metrics

The customer was particularly impressed by VNT’s AWS toolset integration, allowing for automatic export and population of metrics that sped up time to value for customer migrations.


The Ability to Run VNT from their Own Environment

VNT gave our customer complete control over creating their application maps, almost working like a SaaS solution in terms of ease of use and deployment. The migration can be fully managed by the customer, without the input of the end user.


Confidence that There are No Surprises

Our cloud customer can now provide better visibility and support for their own enterprise migrations, at lower cost, and with less complexity, attaining full visibility of any blocks ahead of time.

Our Customers:

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