How to Reduce AWS Costs Fast – Read About How Windward Saved $6,000 Annually on AWS Cloud Costs

Looking to reduce AWS costs? Most companies are! Managing AWS cloud costs is a pivotal part of your cloud computing budgeting process. Understanding how to reduce AWS costs is VNT’s specialty, which is why Windward turned to VNT to help with AWS cloud cost optimization. Learn how VNT technology helped Windward reduce AWS costs by $6,000 annually.

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VNT supported us in finding the expensive connections that were having a negative impact on our bottom line each month.
We simply didn’t have the visibility into our cloud instances before using VNT, and now we have assurance that everything is running as it should be.

windward newEran Dvey Aharon – VP, Research and Development, Windward

VNT has deep expertise in identifying network and infrastructure costs, down to the cost of every single connection. With this technology, VNT created an intuitive AWS map, giving Windward full visibility into AWS network costs for the first time.

The Challenge:
Reduce AWS Costs

  • Windward is a leader in Maritime Intelligence. By using powerful Artificial Intelligence, the company offers predictive analytics and deep insight into security, compliance, and best practices for the entire maritime ecosystem. This complex range of services uses AWS cloud architecture and relies on 100% availability and strong performance at all times.
  • Each month, Windward receives an AWS invoice, charging the company for data transfer costs. The invoice structure is dense and difficult to understand, offering no transparency or suggestions on how to reduce AWS costs.
  • Windward needed ongoing reassurance that its AWS cloud infrastructure was set up in a smart way and that it wasn’t spending unnecessarily on the wrong Availability Zones or instances.
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The VNT Solution for Windward

Cloud Cost ReductionBecomes a Breeze!


Powerful AWS Mapping Technology

VNT provided Windward with a granular map that detailed the price for each individual AWS connection. This was the first time the company had true visibility into AWS cloud costs.


Cloud Cost Optimization

Windward can now be rest assured that their architecture reflects best-practices, leaving VNT’s experts to design for cloud cost optimization.


Short & Long-term Solutions to Reduce AWS Costs

VNT used the intuitive AWS map to suggest cost-reducing and efficiency-promoting recommendations to Windward. By making changes to connection types and details such as Availability Zones, Windward was able to save $6,000.


An Independent AWS Cloud Cost Optimization System

VNT are your cloud cost optimization experts and operate independently with no need for data analysts or AWS engineerst. In just hours, Windward received actionable insights on how to reduce AWS costs.

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