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IT Change Management: Automatically Discover and Map Your Complex Hybrid Infrastructure

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How Does it Work?

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From URL to map in one click

Automatically discover and map how each business service communicates and utilizes your IT infrastructure as a whole, including defining VPCs, Subnets and Security Groups on AWS. This full application dependency mapping allows you to manage IT and technology from a business perspective and vice versa. Provide missing context to your business decisions in real-time. Plan priorities such as a move to the cloud with automatic insight into your entire ecoystem in a platform-agnostic way.


Predict the potential impact of any change

Configuration drift and unplanned outages are two of a business’s worst enemies. Benefit from built-in change impact analysis, keeping an audit trail of any changes, highlighting the difference between your baseline topology map and what’s happening in real-time. You’ll even receive advanced warning before deployment of the impact of any changes you make.


Discover security risks and set plans in motion

Some of the biggest cyber-attacks of the last few years have been exacerbated by business application issues that could have been solved with better visibility. From expired digital certificates, to incorrect firewall configuration and dangerous application connections across subnets, VNT brings these into the light for remediation.

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Get ahead of a potential crisis

When Customer is King, you can’t afford for your users to be the ones who alert you to a problem. Having an understanding of the essential change management principles helps to highlight the most likely cause to a service disruption, reporting this to you in real-time before the impact reaches your end users. You can get your troubleshooting engineers on the case, and get in front of an issue for your customers, ready with answers.

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