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Network Security Operations Tools Are Only a Step Away

How Does it Work?

Analyze an accurate map of your IT ecosystem

Automatic discovery shows you everything under your roof, in real-time. Identify network traffic at the application layer, uncovering everything you need to create tight microsegmentation policy. Map your comprehensive network topology and dependencies, including defining VPCs, Subnets and Security Groups on AWS. This protects your most important assets in case of a breach.

Microsegmentation - Build a zero trust model

Benefit from building a zero-trust model

Forrester’s principle of least privilege means that all users, applications and even data should only have access to what is necessary, and no more. Microsegmentation is a key part of achieving this, avoiding the impact of credential stealing and keeping a tight rein on your most important assets. Even if attackers breach your perimeter, they can’t go any further.


Stay painlessly compliant in a complex environment

Regulatory boards such as SWIFT or GDPR have strict requirements for remaining compliant, including isolating sensitive customer information. Microsegmentation can make this happen with quick time to value, satisfying compliance requirements. But first, you need the visibility.

solimage4 microsegmentation

Zero impact on performance

An agent-less solution, unlike the competition you’ll see no impact on your performance. Using wire data to map your ecosystem means that you’ll see a totally accurate map, with no blind spots, and everything you need to start creating smart microsegmentation policy that doesn’t impact on your flexibility.


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