Posted by
Amir Lubashevsky
September 5, 2019

Gartner coined the term AIOps to cover any improvement to the performance
of IT and business services through AI and Machine Learning technology.

By ingesting large amounts of data and using analytics and deep learning capabilities, businesses can improve their own operations, and meet goals such as anomaly detection, event correlation and analysis, IT service management, and automation.

VNT are delighted to be part of the representative list in Gartner’s guidelines for AIOps platforms, and meet many of the criteria, as seen below.

Real time streaming data: Gartner describes this ability as software or apps that allow for the capture, normalization and presentation of data types, managing this incoming data in what the user would consider to be real-time, delivering the information to the users without the need for a persisted database. VNT provides this access to a complete map of your hybrid ecosystem, showing change in real-time.

Wire Data Ingestion: This is explained as capturing the packet data direct from taps on the network, with protocol and flow information accessible and able to be analysed. VNT uses network data traffic capture and discovery which is a vendor-agnostic solution.

Metrics and Pattern Discovery: As part of Performance analysis and Correlation and contextualization, VNT can capture numerical data which can then have mathematical operations applied, and find correlations that are not immediately obvious from the datasets themselves. These patterns are used by VNT customers to predict outcomes with varying probability and to perform change management analysis.

Anomaly Detection and Root Cause: Understanding the baselines for your operations is the first key step to recognizing when something unusual or problematic has occurred. VNT provides a fully accurate map of your environment, setting up alerts for when something deviates from the norm. An intuitive color scheme shows you root cause, letting you establish where the problems are, and what needs your attention.