When it comes to application mapping discovery tools, we know we’re great.

But it never hurts to be told that we’re getting it right!

That’s why we are delighted to have grabbed a mention in the Comparitech top 10 tools for application mapping, with a special mention for our ease of use and speed of deployment, plus our production value and cost-effectiveness.

Comparitech was impressed with our cost effective, agent free solutions as well as our speed and performance saying, “The program scans for applications and servers in real-time. The software displays dependencies that update automatically once you expand your network. The topology map is shown on a white canvas so that you can easily identify which applications are up or experiencing difficulties. The production value is on par with any of the paid tools on this list…appmigrate is ideal for those who want an application mapping tool that is fast to deploy and is cost-effective.”

You’ll find us on the list under Appmigrate rather than VNT, but don’t worry, nothing about our top ten status has changed with our shift in branding. Check out the full article here!