Get Micro-segmentation Right the First Time

Traditional security controls add complexity and effort, while limiting an organizations ability to adequately protect against todays cyber-threats.

In contrast, micro-segmentation has been named a technology to watch by industry experts such as Gartner and Forrester, and makes it seamless to protect a hybrid environment.

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Read on and learn:

  • The limitations of VLANs and ACLs in a hybrid data-center
  • The use cases for micro-segmentation, from lateral movement to compliance
  • How to avoid under or over segmenting your network
  • Which key factors to look for in a micro-segmentation tool
  • Why visibility needs to be step one for a successful micro-segmentation strategy

The days of perimeter security are over, and you need security controls inside the data center, where the risks reside. Micro-segmentation, when done right, can get you there.

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