Why Us

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A Team with Experience

We were born and bred to do Network Discovery. Whatever the use case, from cloud migration to cost optimization, we’re experts in our field with decades of experience. Let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll show you how our visibility can get you there.

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Who knows what the future will bring? We cover any environment, from on-premises technology and legacy infrastructure, to bare metal servers, hypervisors, VMware or private and public clouds.

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Accurate Information

We reflect the current blueprint of your IT ecosystem, always. Dynamically adjusting for any changes to applications – we know that your map is only useful if it’s always accurate, with zero blind spots. Competitors will do scheduled scanning, but our intelligence is continuous.

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Unique Technology

VNT does it differently, with zero-impact on performance, no intrusive technology and very minimal overheads. Our platform is agentless, needs no firewalls or credentials, and can be deployed with no prior knowledge. You’ll be keeping track of a hyper-dynamic environment within hours of installation.

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